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ima Glide Fluke 125 Sinking Ghost Rainbow Trout

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Cancer and Reproductive Harm 124| -
125| Extremely sharp hooks, handle with care. Keep out of reach of small children. Do not store in extreme temperatures as plastic may expand and deform.


Designed by professional angler and Fisheries Biologist Michael Murphy, the new Ima Glide Fluke is a two-segmented bait that offers a new twist in the hard bait category. The Glide Fluke can walk, glide and swim. The floating version works well when fished as a wake bait. The sinking model quivers as it falls and the possibilities of fishing the bait are endless. Key Features: Realistic 3D eyes, Grooved head design for better lure action & Extended rear hook placement for better hookups. 125mm Floating 23g, Sinking 28g