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BusterK  #02 Bone Crackle additional picture 1
Belly View
BusterK  #02 Bone Crackle additional picture 2
Side View
BusterK  #02 Bone Crackle additional picture 3
Top View

BusterK #02 Bone Crackle

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This refreshingly unique hollow body topwater popper frog features a rattling weight, rabbit hair legs, and an oversized cupped mouth. It is center-balanced, enabling it to walk easily and push water at the same time. The upper portion of its mouth is arched outwards creating a louder-than-normal popping sound and splash. The internal ball weight rolls freely and bounces against the hook making extra sound and adding distance to the cast. It is equipped with a Deps original outbarb hook ? this ensures that the body will last longer as the barbs cannot penetrate the hollow body. It also makes it easier to release the fish. The rabbit hair legs add extra appeal when at rest as they flare and undulate naturally on the surface. The BusterK is 61mm long and weighs 1/2oz. It is offered in six lifelike colors for the U.S.A market and retails for $20.99.